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#AAL Circulair

Concrete support for local governments undertaking circular projects

The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) launched the #AAL Circulair project to drive the circular economy and provide extensive support to local governments.

Concretely, the project aims to create a database of local practices, with a concise description of each exemplary measure. It provides active support to at least ten local governments in the implementation of their circular projects. Moreover, a pioneering knowledge network is being set up, as well as an expertise platform. The project is based on an exhaustive partnership between various VVSG partners and other stakeholders.

#AAL Circulair also organises an inspiration day focusing on the circular economy for and by local governments, where successful case studies are put in the spotlight. It also includes the publication of an inspiration guide about the circular economy with examples of innovative practices. The guide is drafted by the people behind each of these initiatives.