A circular facade brick for DING

Project partners join forces to allow the new wing of Design Museum Ghent to be built with an innovative circular facade brick

This project stems from the construction project DING (Design in Gent), a new wing for Design Museum Gent that will be built in the period 2022-2024.

Within this building project, sustainability is sought in all its facets. This is not an easy choice. After all, museums have to meet very specific requirements, including in the area of air conditioning for objects, staff and visitors. Moreover, the presence of two protected monuments on the museum site and a wing dating from 1992, to which the new wing will be connected, make the entire project even more complex.

Already today, Design Museum Gent tries to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible in its daily operations. Socially relevant themes are woven into its various exhibition programs. It wants to extend this approach to DING: the stone from which the facade will be constructed will be made of as much recycled material as possible.

The project combines legal support, design research, technical expertise and solid know-how from producers throughout the entire development process of the public building project. In this way the project partners hope to contribute - literally and figuratively - to the spread of the principles of circular construction. In Flanders and far beyond.


Partners Design Museum Gent (AGB Kunsten en Design), TRANS architectuur | stedenbouw, Caluwaerts & Uytterhoeven (Legal Office), StoneCycling en KU Leuven (Faculteit Architectuur)