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Stepping stone towards a circular city

Sustainable building materials from steel slag and CO2

The ‘Stepping stone to a circular city’ project aims to demonstrate the use of Carbstone products made from local raw materials, in the city of Ghent.

This innovative Carbstone technology turns two waste flows, steel slag and CO2, into sustainable building materials. This is a smart way to close material cycles, and it has a positive impact on both the environment and the economy. In the City of Ghent project, there will be a review of the possible impact on a technical level as well as the prerequisites with regard to logistics, organisation, the environment and public health. Cooperation between the various links in the local value chain is essential.

The project partners will use the experience and knowledge gained to strengthen the faith of businesses in new technology. This project thus forms a stepping stone towards the further expansion of the circular economy.

Stapsteen naar een circulaire stad

Stadsbestuur van Gent

{$lblPartners} VITO, Orbix, Peter Stouthuysen, Universiteit Gent

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