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On the way to a circular digital meter

Eandis replaces old electricity and gas meters with circular versions

Over the coming years, the old electricity and gas meters across Flanders will need replacing. Network manager Eandis would like to replace them with digital and circular meters.

Eandis, in the project ‘On the way to a digital meter’ which has been created with network company Infrax, would like to investigate how this can be done while applying the principles of the circular economy as effectively as possible; what requirements must be imposed on the suppliers of meters? How can transport be limited? And how can they make the best use of local options for processing? Finally, Eandis would also like to gain an insight into the costs and benefits of the project.

Eandis aims to actively support the goals of circular buying and play a role in this. The intention is to create over 100 circular buying projects, develop expertise regarding circular buying and share this as widely as possible, within two years.

Eandis System Operator

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