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Food Waste Fest 2.020

8/12, 14H-16H: OPENING LEVEL

How do we fight food waste currently? How can we do more?
Live from the Food Waste Fest studio, we broadcast keynotes, interviews and a sofa discussion that turn the topic of food waste inside out. Tristram Stuart (author of ‘Waste’), Carolyn Steel (author of ‘Sitopia’), Tom Sukerbuyk (Flanders DC), Victor Dries (Kabinet Zuhal Demir), enVie, Colruyt, Reo Veiling (Auction) lay the foundations of our quest to end food waste together.

Moderator: Elke Markey, FoodWIN vzw


Collaboration and creative thinking are indispensible to stop food waste. The Food Waste Fest offers 7 webinars focused on action at different parts of the food chain.
With new tools and inspirational examples, these food waste missions challenge us to take the fight against food waste to the next level together!

8 & 9/12: CONNECT ZONE

Together, we can take the food waste fight to the next level. To kick-start connections and collaborations, you can reach out to fellow attendees and organisations in one-on-one discussions. You can register as yourself, and occupy a company booth to represent your organisation.
Prior to the event, we invite you to find a person or organisation you’re interested in meeting and request a timeslot. Your meeting will be confirmed if the other participant approves it.

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Datum: dinsdag 8 december 2020

Locatie: On-line

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