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Beyond Circular South

Join sustainability experts, behavioural scientists, technology leaders, local residents and more at `Beyond Circular South’, an international virtual event on behavioural change for sustainability, inspired by experiences within the Circular South project.

Circular South is an Urban Innovative Actions initiative, launched by the City of Antwerp (Belgium) in 2018 to promote more efficient use of energy, water, waste, and materials by the citizens in the Antwerp South neighbourhood.

As a community, inhabitants are encouraged to make smarter, more sustainable choices through behavioural nudging techniques, supported by smart metering technologies as well as local energy production and storage. The project seeks to mobilise and increase the sustainable behaviour of the local community of inhabitants.

It is now time to share key insights from the project in this exciting virtual event and move beyond Circular South!


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Datum: vrijdag 4 december 2020

Locatie: On-line

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