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WASTE_FULL: de circulaire hub voor de kleintjes

The circular hub for little munchkins

Children’s products are very expensive, but they are often used for no longer than three to six months. Afterwards, they are often still in great condition, yet only one third is reused. Just like Mic Mac Minuscule, quite a few start-ups and designers would love to see a shift to a more circular approach, but they face quite a few hurdles, including economies of scale, market testing, logistics and upscaling. That is why we aspire to set up a Circular Hub for start-ups, designers and small businesses looking to market circular products and/or services for children and young parents.

This Circular Hub consists of three pillars:

  1. A Digital Market Place, where ‘circularity’ is a selling point and the service conditions are realistic. This is the perfect platform for market testing and co-creation with consumers, as well as input/feedback. We aim for economies of scale, a boost in the advancement of knowledge and brief, cyclical customer feedback.
  2. A Physical Hub, i.e. a physical meeting point, located at the premises of a partner social employment company. This is where all e-commerce and re-commerce activities can take place, as well as prototyping and upscaling production for the main material flows we are focusing on (wood, textiles, metals and paper/cardboard).
  3. A Knowledge Hub for the exchange of knowledge and experiences across all material flows, with a strong focus on learning by trying.

We want to test the principles of circularity based on concrete prototype cycles, and make these principles more tangible in this key phase from a social point of view.

Mic Mac Minuscule BVBA

Partners Mic Mac Minuscule BVBA, Kunnig VZW, Kabinet O, Mathias De Cock, Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken VZW