Urbin rents out reusable moving boxes in Antwerp, including the Antwerp districts of Berchem, Borgerhout and Deurne.

Are you about to move? Do you already know how to get everything to its new destination? Urbin offers the solution! Instead of having to lug around fragile cardboard boxes and meters of tape, you can rent moving boxes from Urbin and have them delivered and picked up if you wish. That saves you a lot of extra time and work.

Urbin is an Antwerp initiative by Arne and Nicolas that aims to make moving easier and more sustainable. By renting out boxes, the company wants to reduce the use of cardboard boxes. For this, Urbin uses refurbished boxes made from recycled High Density Polyethylene. All boxes have been used elsewhere before and are given a second life at Urbin. Moreover, if desired, the boxes are delivered by bicycle. This way the emissions of the project remain limited.

How does renting work exactly? You choose the package you need - 30 or 60 moving boxes per week - and place your order. You simply pay online and afterwards you pick up the boxes at the warehouse or have them delivered to your home. Moreover, you get a trolley that is already included in the price. Then you really get going. You fill the boxes, which are all the same size and thus easy to stack, with your stuff and bring them to your new destination. Eventually Urbin picks up the boxes or you bring them back to the warehouse. Do you need more time than expected? Simply extend your rental period via the website.

Would you like to buy the boxes, do you need another number than 30 or 60, do you need an extra cart or are you looking for a removal company to help you? Then contact Urbin and you will be helped immediately.

For the time being Urbin is only available in Antwerp and the neighbouring districts of Berchem, Deurne and Borgerhout.