Chipboard from the ‘urban forest’

Unilin, the company behind Quick-Step, makes panels (chipboard, MDF), roofing systems and insulation panels. Nowadays the chipboard panels are made of 75% recycled wood. An economic choice that also brings ecological benefits.

Unilin is one of the largest fibreboard producers in Europe. Originally the company made the panels from flax fibre; the company was founded by a group of flax farmers who combined their investments. When flax was no longer sufficient, they changed to so-called thinned wood from forests and residues from the timber industry, such as wood in irregular shapes that are unsuitable for use in the furniture industry.

Subsequently, the leftover timber from the packaging industry and construction sector was used as a raw material in order to focus on recycling the so-called ‘urban forest’ wood that is used and then resigned to the waste flows. Nowadays Uniln’s chipboard panels are made of 75% recycled wood. The percentage of recycled wood is set to increase over the next few years. Compared with twenty years ago: the percentage was zero.