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TOP-cycling atelier

Textile products get a new lease of life

TOP-atelier is developing a smooth and professional production chain for the processing and repurposing of textile products, as well as re-manufacturing based on cooperation between several partners, each bringing a specific contribution and experience to the project. The result? A shared company, consisting of collectors and sorters from the social economy, creative designers and product developers, as well as the regular clothing sector.

We are developing a solid business model, and creating, analysing and testing new possibilities in practice. For this purpose, we have joined forces with several Flemish clothing producers, who can put their specific know-how and machinery at the disposal of designers and product developers aiming to repurpose residual textile waste into creative new objects. The result will show us which technologies and systems adaptations are required to enable smooth and sustainable repurposing, and which criteria are needed to guarantee an affordable and efficient quality product.

We are aiming for a synergy between Flemish clothing companies, sorters from the social economy, designers and product developers who use residual materials. This partnership should offer more opportunities to repurpose textiles in a profitable and socially responsible manner. In this framework, we are explicitly seeking collaboration with the social economy and involving consumers in the process through new partnerships between the social economy, Kringwinkels second-hand shops that sort incoming products, designers, product developers and traditional clothing producers. After all, the clothing production infrastructure in Flanders is underutilised. Many clothing production workshops and their machinery are mainly used for prototyping of models and small collections, but other than that, they regularly stand empty. Therefore, there is plenty of infrastructure available where designers and product developers can join forces with the workshop staff for the repurposing of residual textile flows and re-manufacturing. That allows us to breathe new life into the manufacturing sector and give the production process a good boost. That too is a perfect example of how the circular economy works.

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