Transition Eco Artistic Living: Conversion

The initiators of Made with Love Projects vzw have been developing projects for a better world for many years, such as Ecotopia, Belgium's first eco-house, or the Ecover factory in Westmalle, the world's first eco-factory. For six years now, we have also been organising the Body & Soul health festival, full of workshops on preventive health care and the art of living.

As an extension to our operations, we want to create a portable circular community centre where ecologically and socially innovative activities can take place all year round: the TEALcenter. Stakeholders can work together on various projects according to the principles of TEAL (wholeness, self-management and ecosystem thinking) and sociocracy. Climate-conscious young people can work together on emission-reducing initiatives. Companies can work together on a circular economy. Experiential workshops can be held in cooperation with local initiatives. Everyone can come and learn how to put the art of living into practice by relaxing better, eating healthier and living more environmentally friendly lives in connection.

We are convinced that in today's internet age where much communication takes place online, convenient physical places remain essential for bringing people together, learning, working together and transferring experiences. The flexibility and impact of a portable community centre cannot be overestimated. The possibilities are enormous!


Made with Love Projects vzw

Partners Komosie vzw, koepel van sociale ondernemers, Kamp C, Eco-architect en co-housingspecialist Hugo Vanderstadt en Eco-bouwmaterialen-specialist Wolf Jordan





  1. The TEALcenter is easy to build and to move. It includes a light construction made of circular materials and can be built in one day, either in the city or in the countryside. Moreover, the concept can be placed without a building permit for 4 months.
  2. The centre is enormously flexible and scalable. The basic octagonal structure of 116 m² can be extended to 500 m in length and to more than 4000 m² in surface area, depending on the filling: repair workshops, coworking space, preventive health centre, etc.
  3. The possibilities for the interpretation of this community innovation centre are endless: a community resource centre, a co-working or co-teaching environment, a repair workshop, a transition centre in or on top of an abandoned factory, a collective service building in an innovative agricultural zone, etc.
  4. Different concepts of our TEALcenters are being developed: a Lifestyle roadshow (https://www.wegocircular.eu/lifestyle2020), a community resource centre (www.community-innovation.be), a 'peace house' (vredeshuis.jouwweb.be), a TEALcenter on a 5-year concession in Borgerhout (www.tealcenter.org) ...


  1. The wide range of possible uses for the TEALcenter has an impact on society that should not be underestimated. As mobile satellite offices, for example, they can provide a direct solution to traffic jams (and burn-outs), as well as contribute to a better climate.
  2. The TEALcenter offers a different perspective on living, learning and working together and gives us the opportunity to work towards a real sharing economy. The TEALcenter is a kind of well thought out Swiss army knife for ecological and social innovation. By connecting meaningfully, everyone can become part of the solution.


1 day Setup time
116 M2 Large, easy to expand