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Transition Eco Artistic Living: Conversion

Natural, artistic, circular, eco-friendly and cheap construction... Is that even an option? Yes, it is, according to Transitie Vlaanderen and Made with Love Projects. They came up with a concept that can be built in just one month, with very little assistance. At the Kamp C site they are building a demo model showcasing various innovative techniques. They will be using recovered materials, such as windows, doors, supporting beams and decorative materials, as well as quick-drying hempcrete in moulds. The structure can be built onto existing dilapidated buildings. The walls are rainproof and can even withstand severe storms, they are insulated, humidity-regulating and electrosmog-proof.

The product expertise of the partners Kamp C and Wolf Jordan is definitely an asset. Meanwhile, Komosie (the Federation of Environmental Entrepreneurs in the Social Economy) is assessing whether and if so, how the Flemish second-hand shops could stock and sell construction materials.

The existing design is fairly easy to adjust to different styles, allowing for a healthy and affordable home to be built or refurbished.

Several eco-houses can be clustered in a co-housing eco-community. Partner architect Hugo Vanderstadt is an authority in this field.

Made with Love Projects vzw

Partners Komosie vzw, koepel van sociale ondernemers, Kamp C, Eco-architect en co-housingspecialist Hugo Vanderstadt en Eco-bouwmaterialen-specialist Wolf Jordan