SUDE Piloot!

Innovative technology for automatic disassembly of electronics is field tested

At KU Leuven a new technology was developed to dismantle electronics automatically using artificial intelligence (patent pending). In this project, the lab setup at KU Leuven will be made mobile together with the Valtech Group for an industrial pilot at the recycling company Galloo. Important aspects in this regard are the required safety measures and the training of the operators. With this pilot, the learning algorithms and the advanced computer vision systems will be trained to treat  the greater variety of products reaching their end-of-life in a more sustainable manner.

Innovative business models will be explored, such as offering automatic disassembly as a service. In addition to automatic disassembly, also the recognition of components for reuse will be investigated.

The objective is to demonstrate the potential for further upscaling with this project. At the same time, it is the objective to present the research results to the general public. This is how the consortium want to demonstrate the social importance of such technological innovations.