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School of commons

A new collaboration to bring circular coaches together with changemaker

The School of commons is a cooperation model where expert coaches share and exchange knowledge with other experts, change makers and educational players. As the name suggests, the educational offer focuses on the propagation of commons.

The term ‘commons’ refers to shared material or immaterial goods carried, protected or produced by a community, and managed based on the rules and standards of that community. (Michel Bauwens)

The coaches form an active, reflecting network of trainers. They are the partners in the cooperative structure and in addition to that, they have their own practice, knowledge field and methodology. Each coach takes care of one module in the training offer that has been elaborated in advance in accordance with the procedures agreed upon. This coaching team keeps the offer up to date. They also act as a jury for the selection of change-makers.

These change-makers are clients from various sectors, such as consultants looking to broaden their service offer or apply methods in their own fields. Other examples include citizen associations, local governments, organisations and companies keen on implementing a change process in the circular economy.

Change-makers often feel they have no one to turn to and they need access to more knowledge, time and networking. A school of commons allows them to select the modules they are interested in from an open lecture programme, and spend a year working on a concrete case.


Partners Howest, Op Scherp bvba, Edwin Hantson cvba, Muntuit vzw, P2P foundation