Circular soap as an inclusive economic project

Valorisation of waste material into valuable products is extremely important for a sustainable future. Hotels and B&Bs produce a great deal of waste that can generate new value once the necessary processing has been carried out. This project focuses on the production of circular soap, starting with single-used small hard soap bars with the addition of food waste streams (coffee grounds for a scrub and oranges for a scent).

Collection, processing and redistribution are fine-tuned by researchers/students at UCLL. Afterwards we share the acquired knowledge with (vulnerable) citizens through various channels/initiatives and partners. We are bringing vulnerable citizens closer to the labour market by offering them a purposeful way of spending their time collecting useful waste streams in hotels, preparing the circular soap and redistributing the new products to various new customers.

In this way, we want to launch an inclusive circular economic pilot project in Leuven and raise awareness among citizens and train them in the basic principles of the circular economy.