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Citizens on the barricades for repairable products

Network Conscious Consumption wants to contribute to the transition from a linear to a circular economic model with the project 'Repairable'. By improving the repairability and quality of products, products are kept out of the waste stream.

To monitor and improve the repairability of broken items, an active dialogue must be built between producers, consumers and repairers. It is precisely on this dialogue that Repairable wishes to focus. Repairable fills a gap: at the moment there are no adequate (communication/feedback) systems between consumers and producers. The relationship between producer and consumer is limited, distant and unbalanced. The consumer's only means of communication is 'the wallet', the producer's only signal is 'sales figures'. Assuming that both parties agree in principle on the need for sustainable production and consumption, an enormous potential lies in equal communication about the 'how' of the transition. Also for the future, in a circular system, a resilient, flexible production cycle will be crucial. Strong dialogue mechanisms that allow for adjustments according to changing context will determine the survival of any production system. Repairable will therefore explore ways in which consumers can play an active role in the transition to a circular model, and become an equal interlocutor with industry, distributors and institutional players with impact on product cycles.


The project lasts two years and started in July 2018. Through an action research study (the Great Repair Study) we test the repairability of stuff and the bottlenecks consumers face to get a repair done. We are working out 3 methodologies:

  1. Repair in the Field
  2. Repair Lab
  3. Repair the Future

At a closing work session and announcement of recommendations, consumer input is fed back to businesses, the general public, government and press.

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