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Research into the reuse and repair of upholstered seating furniture

REFURN aims to analyse the possibility of innovative partnerships for the reuse, redistribution and simplified repair of upholstered furniture.

42.7% of non-selectively collected bulky refuse in Flanders consists of discarded furniture. REFURN wants to actively contribute to an economically and ecologically interesting solution by focusing on two issues: the eco-design of (new) upholstered seating furniture for the commercial market and the co-creation of new circular business models. REFURN is a partnership between two leading companies in the furniture sector and WOOD.BE, a knowledge centre for the wood and furniture industry.

Upholstered seating furniture is the most complex and diverse in terms of material usage and manufacturing. REFURN aims to close the circle as efficiently as possible, preferably at product level. The replacement or repair of parts, and the recycling of materials is also investigated as a solution to allow for the reuse of seating furniture.