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Out-of-the-box bicycle sharing

Special bikes for the people of Ghent

Dégage! has joined forces with Binamics, an expert in bicycle technology, to design a sustainable, cost-effective bicycle-sharing system.

Dégage (DE Gedeelde Autovloot Gent) is an initiative launched by citizens. It has been building a private car-sharing network for years now, which has over 100 cars and 1,200 members. The project has branched out to bicycle sharing, offering special bikes, such as cargo, trek and folding bikes.

The Out-of-the-box bicycle-sharing system gives the inhabitants of Ghent the chance to use high-quality bicycles and share them with their neighbours. The project includes shared bicycle sheds, a user-friendly booking system, a system for fair cost sharing and proper maintenance, and where possible, it uses existing facilities. The system is supported by the necessary software. Once it has been set up, local residents take care of the further management and the system can be rolled out to other cities.


Partners Binamics