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Nieuw Zuid Circular experience

Circularity as an experience

‘Circular experience’ is a project that challenges an entire neighbourhood to live more sustainably through experiences, meetings; leasing, sharing and redesign models and much more. The idea is to change people’s behaviour based on experiences and convenience, not because they have no other option. They need to enjoy and be comfortable with changing their mindset.

The residents acquire knowledge, exchange experiences and ideas, and meet with one another in an easily accessible manner. The idea is to reach a wide audience with a range of different interests by focusing on several segments, such as hotels and catering, culture, retail, manufacturing etc. The different hubs allows anyone to explore circularity in a fun, relaxed manner, in line with their needs and interests.

The Kringwinkel Antwerpen second-hand shops are contributing to the project by sharing their experience in workshop activities, upcycling, repair, redesign, rental and leasing models. Congé is sharing its expertise on experiences and the pleasure of doing things, and how to optimally boost this feeling within a given context. The problem with many models aiming to change people’s behaviour is that they start with an educational phase. People need to realise what needs change. However, experience has shown that being confronted with harsh realities can actually have an inhibiting and even counter-productive effect. By encouraging people to change their behaviour through experience, and only adding the educational components at a later stage, we can achieve better results more efficiently.

During this experiment on circular experiences we will constantly assess the model and try to pour it into a scalable model. That will allow us to support entrepreneurs, the hotel and catering, retail and events sector in creating a circular service model. Moreover, we can give companies focusing on circularity, such as the Kringwinkels second-hand shops, an insight into our experiences to help them create their own.

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