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Miss Miyagi

Financing platform for the collective repurposing of real estate

Miss Miyagi specialises in the launch and coordination of bottom-up repurposing projects with social added value. Concretely, it gives buildings that cannot be developed for commercial purposes (and are therefore often at risk of being demolished) a socially and financially relevant new purpose. Two examples are De Hoorn and Hal5. The key factor is proper ‘matchmaking’ between these buildings, users and investors.

The reuse and repurposing of existing buildings is a very important challenge for cities aiming for a more circular approach. After all, strategic repurposing of buildings contributes to the city both directly and indirectly. Directly, because a wide range of elements are reused, including raw materials, energy and space. Indirectly, because social repurposing projects have proven to be a key spatial, economic and mental framework for various circular processes.

Miss Miyagi has already set up a digital real-estate platform to enable ‘matchmaking’ between buildings and potential users. The goal of this project is to thoroughly analyse the possibilities to develop and integrate bottom-up financing models in the platform based on several concrete case studies. Bottom-up repurposing can then be upscaled and can contribute significantly (both directly and indirectly) to the circular city.

Miss Miyagi

Partners Cera CVBA, Bart Vanhaeren, Stad Leuven (dienst Onroerend Erfgoed)