Mic Mac Minuscule

Matchmaker between second-hand baby items and expectant parents

Mic Mac Minuscule is a one-stop-shop birth list with second-hand, pimped and good-quality items for expectant (grand-) parents. This involves other parents who no longer need their baby items and who wish to see them reused.

Mic Mac Minuscule tries to do its bit by encouraging reuse and lowering the threshold for access of second-hand goods. They also create unique items by co-operating with designers. This birth list is easy to use for future parents, offers good-quality items, all at around 50% of the new price.

How does it work?

  1. The list of items: At a meeting with the parents, (typically around 4-5 months into the pregnancy), Mic Mac Minuscule compiles a list of items that are needed for the new baby, through a local freelancer.
  2. No hunting around, no worrying: On the basis of a professional mood-board, Mic Mac Minuscule launches a behind-the-scenes search for the right items‘. They always screen each item for cleanliness, quality and safety.
  3. Everything is ready: Baby almost ready to meet its parents? All items are delivered on time (4 weeks before the due date).
  4. Click and choose: Parents enter the link to the birth list on the birth-announcement card and then let family and friends easily choose a gift online.
  5. Need anything else? Has your baby already grown out of his/her first outfits? Mic Mac Minuscule will return everything to the recycling loop.

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