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Don’t buy, borrow instead!

Many of the things hiding in your wardrobe are used just a few times a year. With that in mind, joint purchasing with family, friends or neighbours is a great idea: it is cheaper and more eco-friendly, and prevents stocking issues.

Or better even, become a member of a 'Maakbar’ - which literally translates as a ‘library of things’! No need to buy anything anymore. Simply borrow whatever you need, from a drill to garden shears, a grinder or a cargo bike... MAAKbar in Leuven has it all, as well as an additional range specifically aimed at students, including large pots, an iron and a vacuum cleaner.

An online tool shows you which items are available, and you can book them instantly too. Or the good old-fashioned way: just stop by and have a look around.

This initiative is a partnership between ‘Centrum voor Economische Ongehoorzaamheid’ (the ‘Centre for Economic Disobedience’) and the Green Office for KU Leuven. Anyone who wants to jump on board is more than welcome to do so. Moreover, anyone who wants to set up a ‘library of things’ can also count on their expertise.

Centrum voor Economische Ongehoorzaamheid (CEO)

Partners Green Office van de KU Leuven, KU Leuven Dienst Duurzaamheid