Kempense Luierkontjes sells washable diapers and ecological products for parents and children.

When Saskia became a mother herself in 2016, she started looking for washable diapers. That search went harder than expected, so she decided to open her own store in Meerhout. There she now sells washable diapers, toys and stuffed animals, textiles, ecological household products and washable products for women.

In the Kempense Luierkontjes Saskia sells washable diapers and other ecological products. She decided to start her own store after she started looking for reusable diapers for her first son. She sells several brands and has expanded her range with other ecological products for children and reusable products for women. She also sells ecological household products, natural care products and eco-friendly products for the kitchen such as reusable straws and food hugs that help fruit and vegetables to stay fresh longer.

Saskia's motto is: "better that everyone contributes in an imperfect way, than a handful who do it perfectly". She is therefore happy to assist her customers with extra explanations to deal with the environment in a more responsible way. In the meantime, she provides free, no-obligation information sessions on this subject. For new parents she provides the opportunity to put together a gift list, all filled with ecological products.

The store in Meerhout is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during opening hours or by appointment. Online orders are shipped for free from 50 euro or can be picked up in the store.