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Hospital waste

Caring care

Keeping a hospital like UZ Leuven up and running comes with a lot of waste. As part of a reverse logistics concept, supported by VIL (the Flanders innovation cluster for logistics) and consisting of various parts, products at the end of their lifecycle are collected, sorted and recycled. Oostrem provides social assistance to the project.

Roll-out of sterilisation cloths to other hospitals.

Separate collection of blue sterilisation cloths from the operating theatres. They are processed and recycled by persons with disabilities.

Separate collection of coffee grounds from UZ Leuven and KBC Leuven.

The processing of wet coffee grounds requires a lot of energy, but rather than incinerating them, there are many other ways they can be repurposed. They can be used in oyster mushroom cultivation, as a filler for decorative panels and as a soil improver.

Separate collection of medical glass shards.

Glass is a material that can be recycled with minimal losses. The same goes for medical glass. That glass will now be separated from the high-risk medical waste and recycled separately.

Experiment to wash and dry sliding mats through a social-economy project.

That removes the need for disposable sliding mats. Industrial washing results in quick wear and tear. The sliding mats used at the moment and washed in-house in the hospital could be washed and dried through a social-economy project.

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