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A sustainable kit for mothers

GreenKit wants to help parents avoid searching for safe care products, sustainable toys, clothes, homewares and baby essentials by distributing a free try-out box to future parents filled with samples of sustainable products for mum and baby.

Mothers are given this box by their midwife free of charge during their sixth month of pregnancy. This gives parents access to circular services and responsibly produced items at a time when they are actively preparing for their future child’s life. GreenKit provides information about and easy access to circular and sustainable alternatives to shift standards in that direction. GreenKit also wants to give producers and suppliers who generally do not give out samples an opportunity to get closer to their target audience.

The box is offered to parents free of charge to make the shift to circular, sustainable, eco-friendly products and services as accessible as possible. GreenKit hopes to encourage parents to start using second-hand items from day one and opt for use rather than ownership. Moreover, it advocates the use of washable products instead of disposables, as well as eco-friendly care products... If parents take this approach, their children will naturally follow suit.