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From fruit to powder

Every year, in the fruit region a lot to fruit is either discarded or not harvested. 70% of these surpluses are already processed into juices, syrups etc., but large quantities of fruit are still wasted. Moreover, currently a lot of local fruit is still stored in refrigerators to be sold on the market in the winter months. Fruitkruid aims to offer a local, sustainable alternative through the local processing and consumption of fruit surpluses. Fruit is dried and processed into a tasty fruit powder through a state-of-the-art drying process. As such, Fruitkruid aims for a long shelf life, minimal loss of vitamins and limited energy consumption.

Drying fruit in this manner could become an alternative to cooling. Fruitkruid can be used for seasoning and to give Belgian dishes an extra fruity touch, without the need to slice half an apple and throw the other half away. The project proposes the development of a new product derived from residual fruit waste from the Haspengouw region, in the south of Limburg. The project has a threefold long-term vision:

  1. Product development: ‘Fruit powder from surplus fruit’.
  2. An efficient drying process using locally generated energy.
  3. ‘Drying as a service’, i.e. the drying of food surpluses from hotels and catering businesses or butcheries to extend their shelf life.

By drying the fruit, it can be sold as ‘Fruitkruid’, which literally translates as ‘fruit herb’. This extremely tasty dry matter is rich in vitamins and can add an interesting touch to many dishes. Apple powder, for example, can give a naturally fruity taste to meat sauces. Pear powder gives tea or pastries a surprising touch. But other fruits could also harness interesting possibilities. How often is lemon rind used for a cake, only for the rest of the lemon to be discarded? By creating a natural lemon flavouring, there is no need to waste the whole fruit.

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