Everyone in Flanders towards circular and water-neutral water use

Flemish households collect and purify their water themselves

Flanders has a high degree of water stress: policy, companies and citizens are looking for new solutions to manage our water better.

We developed a system to maximise the use of rainwater in households and to purify the water after use for reuse (or even repeated reuse) or clean removal. This is how we can create water-neutral homes. We have already applied the system in Kaseco’s autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse and are increasingly being asked to apply such systems elsewhere.

We want to install test installations in various types of homes, to learn from practical experience and provide answers about the quality of the water in the closed water cycle (to the greatest extent possible). We also organise workshops and observe all aspects of applicable regulations. For example, we enable citizens to become self-sufficient in their use of water, sometimes cooperating with neighbours, the municipality, etc. At the same time, we inform citizens and policymakers about how to deal with water in a different way, and we do this actively and based on evidence.