ETAP Light as a Service

ETAP sells light, not lamps

Why buy lamps when you can just as well pay for light and the accompanying service? That is the idea behind LaaS (Light as a Service), which was recently launched by ETAP. The first client is the City of Mechelen, where four buildings will be lit according to this service model.

How does it work? The key principle of LaaS is that the City of Mechelen is guaranteed good-quality lighting for a set timeframe against a fee. For the duration of the contract, ETAP is responsible for the proper functioning of the lighting. Once the contract has expired, the City of Mechelen can either end or extend the partnership.

This project is ETAP’s response to the circular economy. After all, it is beneficial for all stakeholders, not in the least for the company itself, that lamps are used as sustainably as possible. The lighting installed by ETAP uses the latest LED technology, which reduces energy consumption by at least 30%. ETAP is committed to reusing the lighting installations even after the contract has expired.