Econation Lichtenenergie

Intelligent, natural lighting

EcoNation offers ecological daylight solutions for various industrial market segments. Its show-piece is the ‘LightCatcher’, a smart daylight dome that uses an advanced mirror system and technologies to ensure that far more daylight will find its way into the interior than with any other light shaft or dome. As well as offering masses of light, the LightCatcher generates green energy. This system counteracts temperature fluctuations.

EcoNation also offers the Light Energy concept, whereby they finance large industrial lighting projects in return for a percentage of the profits. The idea is that EcoNation, entirely at its own expense, instals a LightCatcher on the customer’s roof, then monitors the energy savings with the customer in real-time and shares the profits with him/her. The customer enjoys the same light intensity as before but at a guaranteed lower price. He/she can save around 20% to 70% on energy bills without having to spend a penny.