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Sustainable public benches as a service

Sustainable benches for public spaces: can project design, placement, maintenance and recovery be offered as a service to cities and municipalities? This project is investigating the options.

ECO-oh! has been making this type of street furniture since 1989. It is made of 100% mixed household residual plastics, collected separately by over two million Flemish people. The company also recycles its own products; in a completely circular economy, that is the responsibility of the supplier.

Until now, ECO-oh! has been selling benches to cities and municipalities, which then take on responsibility for their use and maintenance. Now, however, the company, together with Belfius Bank and Belfius Lease, would like to develop a model whereby the user doesn't pay for ownership, but just for the seating capacity. There will be a study into which existing models and formulas, and models that are yet to be developed, could be workable on a financial, practical and commercial level.

ECO-oh! Distribution BVBA

Partners Belfius Bank