Dripl is a packaging-free beverage dispenser that provides everyone in the workplace with natural lemonade, a healthy and delicious alternative to water.

Dripl is a packaging-free beverage dispenser that fills your mug or glass with healthy lemonade or water. With this, the designers, Colin and Lucas, want to help reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary transportation.

The soft drink industry is one of the least sustainable industries in the world. Vending machines usually contain only plastic bottles or cans, delivered by trucks from miles away, and often the selection consists only of unhealthy drinks. By mixing soft drinks in the vending machine itself with tap water and using reusable cups and bottles, Dripl's vending machines save an average of 180 kg of plastic bottles, 1500 kWh of electricity and 3600 liters of water less to transport every year.

Colin from Dripl wants to ensure that sustainability becomes a no-brainer. By this he means that he wants his vending machines to provide a solution that is so delicious, simple and price-friendly that sustainability is automatically the best choice.

Dripl offers six types of lemonades: lemon, iced tea, cranberry, ginger-lime, elderberry and maté. These syrups are all vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, low in calories and are prepared artisanally. They are mixed in the vending machine with tap water that is available everywhere and contain only natural ingredients.

How does the vending machine work? You place your bottle or cup under the tap, choose a flavor and select sparkling or flat water and hold the button down until your bottle or cup is filled.