Deceuninck Cyclefoam ®

PVC waste becomes acoustic screens

Deceuninck designs and produces PVC synthetic profiles that are used in window and door systems, domestic screening, interior designs, external cladding and multifunctional products.

Deceuninck has been recycling its own extrusion and sawn waste from window manufacturers (pre-consumer waste) for some years past. However, Deceuninck also discovered a solution for recycling more difficult post-consumer waste such as broken windows, old roller-blinds, construction profiles and waste pipes made of PVC.

To this end, Deceuninck developed the foam process Cyclefoam® and, in turn, creates acoustic screens on the basis of PVC waste. This type of acoustic screen can be used by the side of roads and motorways and as casing around machinery. Deceuninck installed their first screens in 2003: 4500 m² along the E17 in Zwijnaarde and 2000 m² in Asten (Netherlands). One square metre of screen contains approximately 30 kg PVC; around 195 tons of recycled PVC was used in the first two avoustic screens. This represents a significant saving in terms of buying raw materials.

Source: OVAM