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“De Circulaire Concept Store” in Leuven

Circular fun, education and innovation together in one place

Together with a diversity of partners and the participation of citizens, we want to bring Leuven’s circular initiatives together under one roof in a “Circular Concept Store” (= working title). We share one space in which we make circular entrepreneurship concrete and visible. The Circular Store is a model for other cities and municipalities. In addition to the range of sustainable products in the shop and the catering section, attention is paid to education, innovation, information and the participation of visitors. The principal aim of the Circular Store is to raise awareness and make the circular model mainstream (the sharing economy, restoration, upcycling, reuse, recycling). The circular story behind each participating partner is communicated clearly and given an important place in the concept. Guided tours are available at regular intervals to explain the importance of the circular economy. The Circular Store has a high fun factor. It is a welcoming meeting place where people get inspired.

Photo: Jo Galvao /

CEO vzw

Partners Stad Leuven, Leuven2030 vzw, WOWfood vzw, Liefst Leuven vzw, Unizo Vlaams Brabant-Brussel