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Conscious Shopping Made Easy

COSH! helps consumers shop in a conscious and sustainable manner. Many people have good intentions when it comes to shopping. They want to shop sustainably, but they somehow get lost in the process. That’s where the brand-new COSH! tool comes in. The start-up is working on a user-friendly app to help consumers make more conscious choices while shopping, quickly and easily.

While walking through shopping streets, the COSH! app sends notifications to users on their smartphones. The app gives the shops in the area a sustainability rating from A (very good) to E (very bad). It also shows alternative shops and brands nearby that have a better score, location-based and in real-time. If you prefer to shop online using your PC, you can screen the offer of your favourite online store and even view more sustainable alternatives for the products you are interested in.

To obtain correct and objective scores for clothing items, COSH! aims to collaborate with independent organisations and link them to the ERP systems of existing large and small retailers.

At a later stage, COSH! also wants to add other sustainability factors in its ratings, such as the distance your online order needs to travel, the textile yarns used and the recycling options. Moreover, consumers will be able to enter their preference for Belgian brands, circular clothing, vegan goodies, organic or local products etc.


Niki De Schryver - Co Create Belgium