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Circular purchasing of polyethylene pipes

Test case for future dossiers

Eandis will buy and transport polyethylene pipes for various utility companies such as Farys, Ores and Sibelga simultaneously. By combining the purchases, Eandis wants to find out whether suppliers can be nudged towards circularity and recycling. It will use the case to learn how it can apply the ideas of the circular economy in future dossiers.

In concrete terms, Eandis aims to use this case to ensure that permitted suppliers are doing all they can to recycle the residues of polyethylene (PE) pipes and PE accessories, unused PE pipes and possibly excavated PE pipes and accessories, preferably using their own production processes.

With this project, Eandis is examining how circular principles can be encompassed within the specifications relating to selection, permit and rejection criteria, among other things. The ultimate goal is to create a framework for implementing circular purchasing for all possible articles, taking account of the legislation governing public contracts.