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Circular printing, copying and scanning

Integrating circularity in the contracts of Zorgbedrijf and PCSW Leuven

Zorgbedrijf Leuven (ZORG Leuven) and PCSW Leuven (the Public Centre for Social Welfare) want to integrate circularity in their framework agreement for reproductions.

They are entering into a dialogue with the sector because circularity cannot be achieved without collaboration with all partners in the chain. Concretely, the aim is to lease sustainable printing, copying and scanning capacity, as well as management and reporting software. The materials to be reproduced fall under a wider digitisation project for document management, case-file management, archiving and reporting.

The project encompasses the entire procurement procedure, starting from the preparation phase with market prospecting, checking legality and feasibility, drafting the specifications, assessing candidates and proposals, and conformity checks at the onset. The project also includes the possibility of circular and public procurement.

PCSW Leuven and ZORG Leuven would like to share the knowledge and experience gained through a workshop.

OCMW Leuven

Partners Zorgbedrijf Leuven, The Global Picture