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Circular linen and work clothing

(OCMW) and Zorgbedrijf.

Zorgbedrijf Leuven (ZORG Leuven) and OCMW Leuven would like to integrate circularity into the framework agreements for sustainable rental and maintenance of linen and work clothing.

They are entering into a dialogue with the sector because circularity cannot be achieved without collaboration with all partners in the chain.

In practical terms, this concerns the linen and work clothing from care providers, cleaners and logistics/technical people, and cleaning the personal linen of the residents.

The project encompasses the entire buying procedure, including the preparatory phase with market prospecting, checking legality and feasibility, drafting the specification, assessment of candidates and tenders and checks on conformity at the start. Also covered: the options for circular buying or circular government acquisition.

OCMW Leuven and ZORG Leuven would like to share the knowledge and experience they gain in a workshop.

Zorgbedrijf Leuven

Partners OCMW Leuven, The Global Picture