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Circular Kick-Start Ghent Region

Support for circular start-ups

‘Circulaire Kick Start Regio Gent’ is a comprehensive project aimed at ten circular start-ups in Ghent and the surrounding area. The goal is to gain insights, know-how and business intelligence, to provide mentoring, peer-to-peer coaching and support, to create a community and boost exposure to give start-ups the best chances of successfully developing their circular business.

Regio Gent is fully supporting the transition to the circular economy and is ready to tackle the challenges linked to materials, energy consumption, water and mobility. By 2030, Regio Gent wants to have built a circular ecosystem as a future-proof solution to raw materials scarcity and waste upgrading.

This project has five major goals:

  1. Boost the transition to the circular economy in Ghent and its surroundings by inspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs to opt for circular business models. Harness the power of start-ups to create a mindshift in business, with a focus on the positive impact of the circular economy.
  2. Create a community of at least one hundred circular start-ups in Ghent and the surrounding area. This community is linked to De Startersfabriek via the FoundME matchmaking platform.
  3. The development, testing and upscaling of an intensive mentoring process for circular start-ups. This project aims to design and test a unique programme to coach, train and support circular start-ups, and offer the right contextual factors (incubation, community, access to finance, networking and research etc.).
  4. Offer assistance to at least ten circular start-ups via a circular kick-start programme. The idea is to encourage start-ups to keep account of the principles of the circular economy from the very onset. Ten circular start-ups will get the opportunity to turn their ideas into powerful business proposals to be launched on the market. Following a demonstration of the first circular start-up process, the partnership will look for sponsors for a second and third cycle, each involving ten circular start-ups.
  5. Roll-out of a solid communication campaign about circular start-ups in Ghent. The participating start-ups will act as pioneers and ambassadors of circular business in Ghent. They will benefit from an extensive custom communication campaign and support for pitching their circular solutions, as well as a platform to share their stories on the programme and on circular entrepreneurship.

Partners Gent, Provincie Oost-vlaanderen, De Startersfabriek, Ministry of Makers, BNP Paribas Fortis, Acerta, Econocom, C02 Logic, The Global Picture, Apollo18, Cojak en Vlaanderen Circulair.