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Circular Building label

VLISOG (Flemish Initiative Systematic Maintenance of Buildings) and VCB (the Flemish Construction Confederation) push construction companies towards sustainable and circular entrepreneurship

The circular economy, in which materials retain their value and are used and reused for as long as possible, is becoming increasingly important, both from an environmental and an economic perspective. In the construction sector too changes must be made to allow for a further shift towards a circular economic model. VCB, VLISOG vzw and WTCB (the Belgian Building Research Institute) want to showcase the challenges and opportunities that this shift brings along through the development of a Circular Building label.

This label will serve as a clear reference framework for the assessment of circularity in buildings, with a focus on topics like a well-thought-out design, preservation of raw materials, material choice (LCA), reversible connections, high-quality reuse, lifecycle costs (LCC), new business models, maintenance and management, urban mining etc. In the development of this evaluation method, the synergy with existing measuring systems and tools will be retained as much as possible. Moreover, it must fit into a wider sustainability assessment.

A business model will also be developed for the label, with attention for measurability and objectivity versus time and money invested in the project. The workability of this label will be assessed based on six or so cases, followed by an improvement phase. The label will be launched in the spring of 2019 with a ceremony and the actual awarding of the label in late 2019.


Pioneers in circular construction who are awarded the label can showcase their best practices, inspiring others to undertake similar initiatives. The label also provides a clear reference framework for circular construction to help developers, architects and contractors make well-thought-out choices. As such, the label contributes to raising awareness on circularity in the construction sector as a whole (project managers, architects, contractors, material producers etc.).

Vlisog vzw

Partners Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw en WTCB