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Circulair Construction Consolidation Centre at Blue Gate Antwerp

The first eco-efficient, water-linked business park in Belgium

Blue Gate Antwerp is a brownfield that is being turned into a sustainable, eco-efficient water-linked business park. The Blue Gate Circular Construction Consolidation Centre will be developed using that same circular approach and will act as a catalyst to the further circular development of the site and its wide surroundings. The concept of a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC) is being applied to reduce and optimise the transport burden on the city. The idea is for the Circular CCC to use the potential of this sustainable logistics and organisational concept to offer practical support to the circular construction sector, where no waste is generated anymore and construction elements are reused or repaired.

For the development of the Circular Construction Consolidation Centre at Blue Gate Antwerp we aim to set up a co-creation process with the stakeholders and analyse how the concept can be implemented. The final aim is to come up with a business model for the creation of the Circular Consolidation Centre.

At the start, many new materials will still be transported to the city via the CCC. However, in the long term, construction elements, components and materials from the city should be ‘mined’ and prepared for reuse via the CCC (possibly, but not necessarily, on site). Subsequently, they will be reused in the city according to circular principles. During the study phase, the site can temporarily be used for a pilot project on the supply and removal of construction-related materials from ‘Slim naar Antwerpen’ (Smart ways to Antwerp), where the CCCC can become one of the construction hubs for the City of Antwerp. The lessons learned on the logistic flows of construction materials will be included in the business model, supplemented with circular recycling ambitions.

The co-creation process should result in an innovative, future-proof and market-supported business model that will subsequently be implemented at the Blue Gate site. The aim is for a specific part of the site and/or building to house the CCC. The study will show which constructions are required for this CCC, such as office buildings, workshops, hangars, loading and unloading bays, warehouses etc.

Blue Gate Antwerp Development NV

Partners Bopro nv, Vito (Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek) NV, Van Moer Stevedoring NV, Blue Gate Antwerp Building NV