Adaptable Ventilation Concepts for Change-Oriented Building and Construction

Even in a change-oriented (re)building practice, traditional building solutions are often reverted to. This is certainly true when choosing a ventilation system. Traditional ventilation systems are not designed with a circular economy in mind. As a result, they have limited compatibility with an adaptable context. The supply and/or return ducts of ventilation systems can be an obstacle to the application possibilities of modular wall systems. Duct penetrations present acoustic and/or fire engineering challenges, among others.

Circul'Air is a pilot project that investigates and demonstrates alternative ventilation concepts that are better suited to a circular economy. Using simulations and prototypes, the project develops solutions to achieve increased compatibility between innovative ventilation concepts on the one hand and variable function distribution systems on the other.

Circul'Air documents innovative ventilation concepts, weighs up costs and benefits, and extends existing "general" design guidelines and sheets for "change-oriented building" with specific design guidelines for adaptable ventilation. By applying in situ prototypes of innovative ventilation concepts as a demonstration project, Circul'Air wants to make the (re)building sector aware that ventilation can be different and adaptable.

Universiteit Antwerpen - Departement Bouwkunde - Onderzoeksgroep EMIB

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