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CiLO (circulair leren ondernemen)

An educational programme to bring circular entrepreneurship to secondary schools

Through our project, we want to stimulate circular entrepreneurship with, e.g., the mini-enterprise or the student company supported by Vlajo. Within this project, Hasselt University, Vlajo, circular companies and secondary schools are working together to develop a supporting framework that assists teachers conceptually and substantively in getting started with circular entrepreneurship:

  1. we examine the barriers that teachers experience in implementing circular entrepreneurship;
  2. we compile an inventory of existing educational materials and make new educational materials to develop a single, practically usable curriculum;
  3. we develop training courses to turn teachers into “CircularInfluencers”;
  4. we design assessment tools and develop a “Circular community”.

We are carrying out the project and testing it within Limburg, but it can be scaled up to the whole of Flanders afterwards.

Universiteit Hasselt

Partners Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen, KSOM vzw Sint-Augustinusinstituut, NNOF, Vzw provincialaat der broeders van liefde (Bovenbouw Sint-Michiel), GO! Next Atheneum (Het Atheneum Hasselt), GO! Mercurius Lommel (X-plus 2e en 3e graad)