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Young Citizens for Circular

Raising awareness on the circular economy and sustainable entrepreneurship among youngsters No ambition is more future-oriented than this one... Platform voor de Samenlevingsdienst (PSD) launched the C-Power project to give two groups of youngsters the chance to get a concrete insight into the circular economy and then shape the future through brainstorming.

PSD is a Belgian non-profit organisation that acts as an umbrella for over 300 organisations with one joint goal, i.e. to implement a so-called ‘citizen service’. That is a programme offering youngsters aged 18 to 25 the opportunity to join community projects full-time for at least half a year and at the same time benefit from training, compensation and insurance, and be granted official recognition.

The circular economy remains a little-known testing criterion within the Platform. Therefore, the Platform aims to further develop and analyse the social dimension of the circular economy through the C-Power project. ‘Social dimension’ refers to the involvement of several less obvious target groups, such as young or disadvantaged people. The driving force behind the project are youngsters. Inspired by their own environment, and mentored and coached by academics, circular pioneers and pedagogical coordinators of the Platform they explore the many facets of the circular economy and get started with it themselves. They get access to knowledge, are inspired and inspire their peers. Together, they create C-Power, with C referring to both Circular and Citizen.

In Leuven, a group of youngsters is focusing on the topic of ‘circular food’. In Mechelen a second group is tackling the themes of ‘circular clothing’ and ‘circular living/construction/renovation’. On the one hand, youngsters benefit from theoretical training on what the circular economy is and what its effect is. On the other, they temporarily work as part of a small company applying the principles of the circular economy. Lastly, they are challenged to develop their very own circular idea or project.

Platform voor de Samenlevingsdienst

Partners Stad Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, (vertegenwoordigd door KU Leuven Research & Development), Leuven 2030 vzw, Wendy Wuyts