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Billie Cup

A reusable coffee cup to prevent waste

Craving take-away coffee? Or maybe a smoothie or juice on the go? Choose Billie Cup, a reusable cup that is available against an affordable deposit, and can be exchanged across Flanders. Billie Cup allows consumers to reduce waste in a convenient way. You simply pay a deposit for a cup you can use at home, on the go or at the office. You can top up your drink and return the cup to any participating catering establishment clean or soiled, as you prefer.

Billie Cup was developed by Vanessa Debruyne (Het Monster van Ness) and Ineke Van Nieuwenhove (Better Than You), who want to launch the cup through the non-profit organisation Mei Plasticvrij vzw. We are two communication and campaign experts who have made it their personal mission to make Flanders waste-free. Billie Cup is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. The cup can be customised, making it a great marketing tool for local governments, organisations and companies. Coffee cups are usually made of a mix of paper and plastic, and as a result, they cannot be recycled. Worse even, they need 30 years to break down naturally. A reusable PP coffee cup can be used at least 400 times and can still be recycled afterwards. Billie Cup is our answer to the European legislation, which aims to drastically reduce disposable plastics. Consumers opting for Billie Cup will benefit from the convenience of take-away drinks in countless locations, without generating any waste and without the need to come prepared.