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Babytheek (Baby library)

Borrowing service for baby stuff

This project aims to roll out the concept of ‘baby libraries’ - borrowing services for baby items - across Flanders via Huizen van het Kind, the local meeting and information centres for parents for anything child-related. The baby library is a well-known name and concept, which makes it easy for people to recognise and accept it, creating a multiplier effect. This gives a large and growing group of young parents access to this circular initiative. The same goes for anyone who is temporarily hosting a child (grandparents, foster parents, family and friends).

Babytheek offers a handy borrowing system for baby items that are only needed for short timeframes. Do you live in a small space? Does your niece visit only a few times a year? Or maybe you are on a budget or you want to drastically reduce the amount of stuff in your home? Babytheek is the perfect solution for young families looking for sustainable baby items.

Collection of high-quality, durable baby items that can be used for a long time (e.g. breastfeeding pillows, baby bath tubs, Babycook food processors, rocking chairs, travel cots, co-sleepers etc.)

Giving young parents a concrete example of the concept of ‘use over ownership’

Reducing waste

Offering consumers the option of trying out products (not all babies like sleeping bags)

Offering a handy solution to people who live in small spaces

Creating a meeting spot for young parents

The specific activities of Huizen van het Kind will be integrated in this project, and a custom starter pack will be developed specifically for this association. This starter pack will include very concrete tips and an extensive guide detailing how a Babytheek is set up and maintained. Throughout the project we will keep this starter pack updated with the practical insights gained by people who have opened baby libraries themselves.

The intensive assistance and meetings with the Huizen van het Kind branches involved in the implementation phase will allow us to include all the concrete lessons learned for the start-up and maintenance of a baby library in publications for a wider audience.