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WAVE (WAter Vision@fEstivals)

Festivals want to recycle

What happens to the waste-water at summer festivals? All too often, untreated water is drained off into local waterways. Or taken away by lorry, which emits CO2 and NOx, and produces fine particulates. Folkfestival Dranouter is taking a different approach.

The organisers of the festivals Dranouter, Ieperfest and Tomorrowland would like to set a better example when it comes to sustainability. They would like to gain an insight into water flows and how they can be reused. They would also like to reclaim raw materials from urine and replace PET bottles with a more sustainable alternative.

As a result of these goals, a project has been set up out of the creative ideas from Folkfestival Dranouter, Ugent, Vlakwa, Bosaq and Tuincreatie Wouter Igodt. The partners are building bridges between amusement, experience, careful use of energy and water, and waste- reduction (reusable beakers, for example). At the festival summers of 2018 and 2019 their solutions, new ideas and insights will be demonstrated at the Festival Dranouter. They will also concentrate on communicating with other festival organisers and visitors.

Folkfestival Dranouter

{$lblPartners} Universiteit Gent, Tuincreatie Wouter Igodt, BOSAQ, Vlaams Kenniscentrum Water (Vlakwa)

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