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Stadslab2050 - Delende Stad (Sharing city)

The City of Antwerp wants to accelerate the shift to a sustainable sharing economy.

The key question of the Delende Stad (Sharing city) project is how the City of Antwerp can accelerate the development of a sustainable sharing economy. The City aims to make people more aware of sharing initiatives and set up concrete experiments to learn from.

For this purpose, the City of Antwerp has joined forces with two partners: Antwerp Management School and the non-profit organisation vzw Samenlevingsopbouw. The underlying idea is that a strong sharing economy helps accelerate the shift to a sustainable circular economy, with consumers’ behaviour evolving from ownership to sharing. In turn, this shift stimulates the market for companies working with innovative product/service systems.

The sharing economy has outgrown its infancy, and has been providing new and innovative products and services for a while now. A few examples? Velo bicycles in Antwerp and online platforms for product or room sharing.

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