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Post-Couture Collective

New business model in fashion

Post-Couture Collective, a project by Martijn van Strien, offers an alternative to the current fashion system.

His Space Fabric high-tech material is made from recycled PET bottles and can be recycled again subsequently. Consumers can choose to get a made-to-measure creation pack at home, or they can have a go at using a laser cutter at a local makers’ space, using patterns that can be digitally downloaded from the website.

Sustainability, innovation and local production are the main focus areas for the future of the fashion industry, as far as Martijn van Strien is concerned. This innovative clothing production method means production no longer has to be centralised in low-wage countries, but can be spread throughout the world. Garments are made at local production locations only when someone wants to buy them, which means much less waste.