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Open Promoter Platform: no first-time building for a circular city

Circular city without new-build

The Open Promotor Platform is seeking sustainable strategies to improve the life-cycle of the built environment.

In a circular economy, it is not just materials that need to be recovered as far as possible, but also the built-up areas. The need for space is too frequently translated into extra cubic metres and new buildings, instead of the rediscovering the potential in the existing legacy.

The low-threshold Open Promotor Platform combines the options and practical methods for sustainably reprogramming buildings in a co-productive, open-source and sustainable manner. It focuses on citizens, companies and governments. This allows it to stimulate new multi-disciplinary co-operative partnerships that provide opportunities for (combinations of) programmes and interpretations, linked to innovative business models that often fail to gain a foothold in the concentional property market. That, in turn, results in more resilient and diverse cities.

Open Promotor Platform


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