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Better fertiliser products

NPirriK project produces dried fertiliser granules with a higher nitrogen-phosphorus ratio which promotes plant growth, also irrigation water for surrounding agricultural plots that contain nitrogen and potassium.

Since organic materials are broken down by fermentation, this results in biogas and a coarse digestate (residual product). Together with NPirriK, Arbio is introducing a new post-processing technique for this digestate, which retrieves a maximum quantity of moisture from the residual product with minimal loss of nitrogen. Smart separation and the filtering of digestate portions ultimately lead to a concentrate which can be reused to create fertiliser granules with a significantly higher level of nitrogen and phosphorus. In terms of fertilisation norms and from a commercial point of view, this product meets the needs of gardeners and farmers more closely. The filtrate can be used as irrigation water.

Digestate products are manufactured locally from biomass flows, valuable raw materials and renewable sources of materials. They also contribute to the replacement of scarce raw materials.

Photo by Elizabeth Lies on Unsplash

Arbio BVBA

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