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Lazarus Project

Hospital bedding made of lyocell and recycled polyester fibres

The Lazarus Project would like hospitals to replace their conventional sheets and bedding made of environmentally-unfriendly cotton and polyester with sustainable textile fabrics made of lyocell and recycled polyester fibres.

This is all about new, local and hence shorter textile value chains that enable the logistics costs in the production and use phases to be kept to a minimum, and the local textile industry to recover its competitiveness. Local production of one sheet would require at least four recycled 1.5 litre coke bottles and 150g cellulose from wood chippings. Environmentally-friendly benefits per sheet: a saving of at least 75g of chemicals, 50 litres of water and 0.15 litres of petroleum at the production phase, and a reduction in water and energy consumption during washing.

This project is circular because it uses local, recycled materials and environmentally-friendly biomass, eliminates intercontinental shipping, uses environmentally-friendly washing and drying processes, and maintains reusable bedding in a circular manner.


{$lblPartners} Utexbel, Malysse, UZ Leuven

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